Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Day 3 - SBD

Today sort of went off the rails, diet wise. Socially, I wasn't sure how to make it work, frankly.

Breakfast - hardboiled egg. Coffee. Half a bagel with cream cheese.

The last item isn't on the South Beach Diet at all. A coworker stopped by my office with the bagel half as a little present. She had brought it from the breakfast meeting on the other floor and I was touched by the thought. It would be rude to refuse after she'd gone through that effort, I thought.

Lunch - Cucumber with chili dip, beef and tofu soup with vegetables. Actually, lunch started off with perfect SBD compliance.But my stepdad was in town, at the convention center, as well. I picked him for a late lunch. We have a tradition of grabbing lunch together at Langer's deli whenever he is in town, and I didn't want to break it. Once at Langer's I contemplated ordering a salad, but Langer's pastrami is a reason to keep on living - it should never be passed up. Then I thought about ordering just plain pastrami, no bread, but the marriage of rye and pastrami that is Langer's sandwiches - well, it's the perfect marriage. I'm all about the family values of really good tasting food.
Half order - pastrami sandwich with half order of fries.
I met Rachel later in the afternoon, fessed up and promised to get back on track. To that end, we cooked a low-carb dinner together, followed by a lowcarb ice cream. It was tasty, but tomorrow, I'll try to maintain the diet better.
Cravings for carbs are low. Guilt- moderate.

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