Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day 4 - Jogging

Hump Day. Getting over the hump. Crikey, I've got to get the jog in. Wait, wait. Papers to grade. Laundry. Test to prepare.
Maybe you should just skip the jog. Who jogs every day, anyway? A lot of people skip a day.
No, no, I'll get to the jog. First I'll eat dinner, though. Then I've got to run some errands.
Running errands? Isn't that almost like jogging? Why not count it as such and call it a day?
That wasn't the deal. Every day, for one week. It's only been three days. If I can just get it done today, I've only got three days left.
Who's going to notice? It's not like anyone reads this blog.
That's not the point. The blog is here just so I can track how I'm doing.
Well, you're tired today. Take a break. Besides, it's really late now. How do you know the gym is even open now?
Um, 24 Hour Fitness? I'd think it would be open. I'll check the site. Yep.
What are all these people doing here at this hour? Oh, look, your favorite treadmill is taken. Let's go home, then.
No way; the treadmill I use isn't so important. I've just got to get this done.

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