Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 3 - Jogging

Ah, the great outdoors. Today I joined the natural athlete of the family, my brother, for a jog at a local park. I battled the elements and the elements won. I broke the cardinal rule of jogging - never stop jogging, even if your pace slows to the speed of a walk, you're never supposed to actually walk. That's what I did, though, and more than once. Basically, the hills kicked my butt - and my thighs and legs. It's just not the same running on a treadmill. I guess it serves me right for never touching the incline button.
I got the sympathy slow-down from my brother - where the fitter person is fine and jogs back to the person doubled over with exhaustion, then jogs little circles around them to maintain pace while the weak link totters along at a walk. Anyway, as inauspicious as it was, another three miles crossed off.

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